Merced Field of Honor History

Field of Honor History
How did the Field of Honor get its start with the Merced Sunrise Rotary? Bob Hobbs shared the genesis and here it is in capsulated form. Bob Hobbs and Betsy Donovan Hobbs with the 2013 President of the Merced Sunrise Rotary, Frank Reed, and his wife Carolyn were in Vietnam the week before the 2012 Rotary International Convention held in Bangkok, Thailand. They were touring with two couples. Frank Donahoe, the current President of the Rotary Club of Murrieta, and his wife Carole, who were accompanied by Bob and Gretchen Bryant. Seems the conversation turned to what the Rotary Club of Murrieta had been doing for the past few years. Bob and Frank, who served as co-chairs of the Murrieta Field of Honor for 2012, enthusiastically shared with Bob and Betsy a binder summarizing the Murrieta outcomes. As you can imagine Bob and Betsy were most impressed, so much so that that they wanted to visit the Murrieta Field of Honor. Bob Bryant and his wife Gretchen were most gracious to host Bob and Betsy at the Field last November where 2,012 flags were on the field honoring those who have and those who continue to protect our freedom. You can only guess what happened next — and the rest they say is history in the making.